Released January 20, 2000

Lionel 'Ex' Exley, the film version of archetypal rogue adventurer in the mold of a Don Quixote or Tom Jones, has managed to drink his way off the PGA Tour. After a short stop in prison for accompanying transgressions, he makes way his back to his original habitat, New Orleans. There, after retrieving his clubs from his ex-caddie and renting seedy digs in a crummy St. Charles Street hotel, Lionel pals up with a persistently suicidal lawyer, W. Firmin Carter (Jared Harris), and begins a dedicated drinking binge that takes him to fancy soirees, country club lunches, and jazzy dives down by the railroad tracks. The wild ride doesn't end until his new-found buddy Firmin has disappeared, and Lionel is suspected of engineering his demise."

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