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You know what, the movie's visual effects were better than its actors. The acceptable stunts and graphics for a B movie, but the let down came from the performances. I don't know what happened to the director, he used to make the better movies in his early career and now he lost his way. Maybe the big stars don't believe in him that may lead him to recruit second stream actors.

The romance portions were too bad, no chemistry, physics, mathematics, nothing, but just an ordinary without the feelings. When it comes to the game of throne, that's looked okay as it scripted like 'snakes and ladders' game. Anyway, it was a well known story among most of us which was altered and told somewhat differently. Disappoint is there though still somehow watchable.

Don't force yourself for this, because you are not going to miss any masterpiece. It's becoming a habit in Hollywood, like I already mentioned in a review a year ago that two same thematic movies coming out of a same period. So this time Dwayne Johnson's movie wins the race, according to the ratings and reviews across the internet, but I still have to see it first before compare them both.