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The excellent debut feature by William Oldroyd delivers cold beauty, moody melodrama. The impressive Florence Pugh plays a calculating killer in 'Lady Macbeth.'  Read More

By Reno February 9, 2018

**There's no one to stand against her!**

Based on the Russian novel of the same name. My first guess was it going to be a boring periodic drama. After knowing about the film plot, I anticipated a storyline just like 'Moliere', but what I saw was a dark and twisted tale. I was really surprised to see a film like this. Enjoyed it though. This is not a good film from the moral value aspect. But film is a film, sometimes it just depicts the real life, even it is a fictional, surely it would have had taken place without the world knowing it.

Katherine, aka Lady Macbeth, a newly married young woman, but that's not an ideal life any couples want to live. Discarded by her husband, she finds a secret lover among the staffs of the house to satisfy her sexual urges. As expected, it does not go well when gossips comes out. Following the consequences, how the rest of the story unfolds was told with a series of twists.

I liked simple settings. Maybe because it was a rural tale, but was so perfect. Florence Pugh has a potential to be a big star. The same goes to the director as well. This is her first film for me. She single handedly made this film look good. Not the year's most anticipated film, but definitely worth a watch. The Russian style British tale. One of the best films from such theme.