Jersey Boys

June 20, 2014

R 2hrs 14 min

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**From the streetlight to the spotlight.**

I know who's the director, but not the actors. Maybe that's the reason the film did not do as expected at the box office. But still theirs performances are not forgettable. Every one of them was amazing, they are the real singers and so the jobs done easily. I mean the filmmaking who understood the story and its characters and delivered accordingly. You might have seen many similar biopics and this is almost the same, but still there's lots to inspire from what you see.

Since this music genre is different compared to the todays trend in the music industry, this film quite clearly brings back the 50s, 60s eras for us. So that's how this story appeals to its viewers. It was about the four member music band and their journey through the success and struggles for decades. What inspires is that, they are nothing like we see in todays musicians like drugs and sex stuffs. But the story had its share in those things, which might have been a huge for that time.

The family, friends and music, the films very beautifully defines the differences. Between professional and personal life, how they lose grips is what obviously we see regularly in all the musician's biopics, but I'm talking about 50 years ago society and lifestyle. The things are different and how they managed or did they is the film to reveal. I really liked it and I wanted to rate higher, but I was bored a bit because it was a very long film. The pace was okay, so I managed and I think it is worth a watch, but only for the selected audience.