Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Movie Reviews

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Still one of the best alien invasion movies that exists. The newer ones tend to be about how many guns and explosions are needed to defeat the invaders, this one is a little different and has a strong cast and many moments of suspense that keep you interested. The dialog is perhaps weak in places and some areas do tend to drag at the start of the movie but thats all overcome later by the convincing characters and ever intriguing plot. It starts slow paced and almost doesn't give you enough information to work out exactly whats going on leaving it up to your paranoia and imagination to fill the void, this begins to change the movie into more of a horror with a scifi plot. The totally unforgettable ending will send chills down your spine and is one of the best cinematic endings I have ever seen. If you're all alone, at midnight and in the dark then stick it on but don't fall asleep...