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Another version of the movie 'Twister'. Not because both the movies are about tornadoes, but takes place in a similar fashion where a group of twister/storm analyzers/chasers goes after their thing only to come out in a messed-up state. Forget the 'Twister', lets talk about this film. It had better effects, but that did not give the visuals like the natural occurrence, mostly they over-used it. I can call it a display for commercial purpose than reality, that's what Hollywood is famous for, isn't it?

The fun part was, the tornado(es) behaved like it had a soul and conscious like any living organism. 'Final Destination 5' was one of the best digital 3D movie at that time, when it comes to the awesome pop-ups and very disappointed with this film which was crafted by the same director.

The plus point was, it mildly entertains with a merely good pace of narration. Definitely it is not a category-A movie, if you want, you can say it because of the actors. The real reason is the performances from the cast was not noticeable. If one, one person had a strong hold up on his role the movie might had clinched its success. Due to CGI rule, actors are not getting a better scope for their characters. That's very sad, but true. You can watch it for entertainment or timepass, but not expecting seriously.