November 29, 2013

Hours Movie Reviews

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A man finds himself caught at a hospital while Katrina ravages New Orleans. His wife just gave birth to their daughter, but unfortunately died. The child is not capable of breathing on her own. You probably know where this headed; a flooded hospital, no power or food and people going crazy. Well, luckily this guy finds a way to get some power, unfortunately he has to recharge the battery by hand every 3 minutes, and even that is falling apart.

Paul Walker is probably most famous for the Fast and the Furious movies, but this is not one of those. This is the story of a man who loses his wife during a very bad time and might also lose his daughter. He is essentially fighting for his life, as well as his daughter's. And I am happy to inform you that, this guy is no superhero, just a man doing the best he can.

Hours is not the best movie ever made, but for a Paul Walker movie, this is one of the better. It has heart and you find yourself hoping that he'll make it. Mr. Walker won't win an oscar for his performance in this movie, but I don't think he ever thought he would... for any of his movies.

_Last words... give it a chance if you are in the mood for a nice drama with a bit of action thrown in. It never gets as crazy as I had thought it would, but that's ok, it still works._

> As a father, as a husband, he stood for their defence.

One of the final movies of a fine actor of our time, Paul Walker. Small budget movie, only because of the story that did not require a grand setting and spectacular graphics. The whole film takes place inside a hospital and a very few external shots glued to the narration in pieces to make an exciting tale. Its his back to back after 'Vehicle 19' which also had a limited cast. At least he and his directors with writers proved these kind of small movies has an equal level of interesting materials to the grand ones. So it's about how you make one with all the finite resources and the rest is left to the people who decides its fate.

A trans-apocalyptic movie. Due to the circumstance where the story happens, there's no proper explanation for everything. Obviously leaves some doubts concerning the main plot, but what the story tells is the basic instinct of survival of any species of our world. So in this film all about stay alive and protect your loved ones or die trying.

What a father's, at a time a husband's role should be when his family completely depends him. That's what the story where a man stands between his family and the hurdles that coming his way. Not a fancy visual film, but an entertaining thriller-drama gives extreme nail-biting moments with less talks and more in actions. Definitely a good movie