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It's as nutty as a Dundee Cake is Horror Express, but a wonderful slice of horror it is. Boasting Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as a twin elegant force that are fighting evil, pic is in safe hands. As the title suggests, story takes place on a train, a Trans-Siberian Express no less. Anthropologist Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton (Lee) has discovered a creature frozen during one of his mountain expeditions, and has it safely locked up during the train journey. Yeah, right! Pretty soon grisly deaths start occurring so Saxton and Dr. Wells (Cushing) must find out what the beast is and how to stop it - if it can be stopped that is...

It's a splendid amalgamation of films like And Then There Were None and The Thing from Another World. Although it's often cheap looking, the modest budget actually makes the "B" movie roots engage rather than hinder. Telly Savalas' introduction late in the day doesn't make a lot of sense, and he hams it for all he's worth, but again there's a horror charm about it as the blood does flow and eyeballs do pop. While the revelation and modus operandi of the creature, the science aspects of it, contains good thought and doesn't insult the viewers in spite of the nuttiness of it all.

Great fun, so go buy a ticket and get on board. 7.5/10