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An entire universe of gleeful violence and a great soundtrack. He may be cute, but Baby Groot is prepared to go nuclear in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.'  Read More

By tmdb44006625 March 15, 2019

I hate this movie. I'm fine and quite proud to be in the minority with this one. I can't stand how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 thinks family dynamic is just two people bickering about how much daddy didn't love them as kids. It makes no sense to me why James Gunn or Marvel think that every scene needs to have multiple jokes thrown in no matter what the tone of the scene is supposed to be. Drax's overused laugh was annoying. Yes, I get it, Baby Groot is dumb. Hahaha.... Oh, now you're ugly shaming a character and playing it for jokes?

One note characters, a stupid plot of nothing interesting happening, and of course Starlord's father, a celestial, is nothing more than an evil being setting out to destroy the universe. Does Marvel not realize that villains can have other kinds of motivation?

The only two good things about this movie are the soundtrack and the fact that the events have no effect on the overarching MCU plot. So next time I do a Marvel marathon, I can skip over this trash.

By Reno October 23, 2017

**Guardians' date with the creator.**

The first film was the most unexpected. That was one of the most colourfull space films I have ever seen. Youthful, energetic, fantastic visuals and so the same followed in this sequel as well. Not the same good, but stood to the expectation of the first film's success. This story does not have a great adventure in the galaxy. A simple quest, but a thrilling action-adventure. Now this accidental space gang is set to meet the creator.

It's time for Peter to meet his father, Ego. As he still upset with his mother's death, his encounter with his father was not as expectedly smooth. On the other side of the story, Rocket, Yandu, Baby Groot make their escape from the captivity. They all end up on the Ego's planet where the rest of the film going to take place. Being the guardians of the galaxy, their fight against the whoever threaten the safety of the universe once again tested with their strength as a team.

James Gunn did it again. And I'm confident that he's going to do the same for next as well. All the actors were fantastic like the previous film. This time, little fun with little Groot. Anybody who loved the first would love it too. Being a franchise from Marvel universe, it is yet to join the 'Avengers'. So far so good. I'm now expecting one of the best of best trilogies. Bring it on the volume 3.


By Vishnu_Dileep August 17, 2017

“Guardian’s are back to save the galaxy once again”

I felt in this movie the true star was baby Groot the part that how he understands and gives out his understandings in his own style which makes us laugh out loud. Got to see a funny side in Drax the before edition he was always angry this one he always laughs I like the part he keeps saying positive things and suddenly ends it with a negative touch. Now to talk about gamora and quill love is in the air but she keeps denying it. Quills line “We keep searching for something our whole life and we never realize that it has been with us the whole time”. Always hated yondu but this movie made me change. Did not get to see Thanos, I know he is been kept for the big picture. Rockets awesome one liners especially TASERFACE made me burst out with laughter. An awesome family entertainer with action comedy and adventure. And not to forget mantis she was so freaking innocent. Waiting patiently for the next part in this series loved this one. would recommend this movie for everyone.
Notable Acting
Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord) famous for his acting in Jurassic World
Zoe Saldana (Gamora) famous for her acting in Avatar and Star Trek into darkness
Dave Bautista (Drax) he is a famous WWE wrestler and also acted in movies like 007 spectre
Vin Diesel (Baby Groot) famous for his movie series fast and furious
Bradley Cooper (Rocket) famous for his movies like silver linings playbook and the hangover
Michael Rooker (Yondu)
Karen Gillan (Nebula) famous for the movie Oculus and the tv series Doctor Who
Pom Klementieff (Mantis)
Kurt Russell (Ego) famous for his movies the hateful eight, the thing and death proof

My Rating 10/10

By DonnyPie May 25, 2017

The David Hasselhoff of all reviews, obviously.

Do you have any tape?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, directed by James Gunn, is an action-packed Marvel comedy. The guardians unravel the mysteries of Star-lord aka Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) broken history while avoiding constant danger. Oh. And did I mention the soundtrack? Muy bueno! 8)

Unlike most sequels, Vol. 2 might actually be better than Vol. 1.

The entire cast is more likable than the first film. Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) has more comedic lines like, "When you're ugly and someone loves you, it means they love you for who you are."

Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper) still maintains a sentimental but adorably tough persona. And Baby Groot is cute as ever whenever he says,"I am groot." In his baby-voice.

One of the more noticeable differences is the relationship between Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Star-lord. It's not as intimate. We were all hoping for a sci-fi sex scene. We don't get it!

The fight scenes are nothing less than spectacular. There's a scene with Yondu (Michael Rooker) where he's using a whistle-controlled weapon to kill an entire space crew of villains ALL IN SLOW-MOTION!

Just go watch the film. It's worth it for the cgi-artwork alone.

By Gimly May 13, 2017

_Logan_, 2017's first Marvel offering, was a movie I loved because of just how little it relied on its comic book origins, completely forgoing the superhero tropes and going in its own unique and totally enthralling direction.

_Guardians 2_ however, is a movie I loved because of just how intensely it embraced its comic book origins. The Kirby-isms shine through brilliantly and every couple of minutes I found myself grinning like an idiot at some new reference or stylistic choice.

_Logan_ might be the super hero movie for people who don't like super hero movies. _Guardians 2_ is the super hero movie for people who have steeped themselves deeply in the lore of super heroes. But I absolutely adore them both for the same reason: How they made me **feel**.

_Final rating:★★★★ - An all round good movie with a little something extra._

By Steve Parker April 28, 2017

I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first one. Too long — could have been about 30 minutes shorter. I don’t mind long movies, but they shouldn’t feel long. There’s some good humour throughout the movie and the characters are enjoyable, particularly Rocket who is my favourite! Story is pretty thin. Some good action sequences, of course. Overall, an average movie. Has lost some of the freshness of the original.

By aadil khan December 5, 2018

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By aadil khan December 5, 2018

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By Richard von Busack May 8, 2017

Slobs vs. slobs in space: our heroes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, are pursued by the Sovereign. They're a gilded, genetically engineered race of stuck-ups with a lot of money for bounty hunters. Thanks to the light fingers of the thieving yet endearing Rocket Racoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) the gang is chased by a sky full of drones. The golden aristos operate them with arcade-like video game controls and vintage sound effects.

Rescue comes from an omnipotent old hippie called "Ego" (Kurt Russell), a self-declared "small-g god." This omnipotent beardo is the real father of "Star Lord" Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Ego owns a planet that looks like million-dollar van-art, with orderly little creeks and fountains. Some '70s stoners had posters like this. It all looks very 420 friendly.

The father-son bonding is interspersed with the continuing quarrel between space-princess Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and her evil sister Nebula (Karen Gillan), an iridescent creature with an enameled head.

There are a lot of morsels here¬タヤdozens, really¬タヤand it starts off the summer with a bang. The color is as wild as in Zhang Yimou's costumed epics. As played by the improbably gigantic Dave Bautista, Drax is the funniest interstellar muscle since Adam Baldwin in Serenity. He gets the best comeback in a movie full of them. Peter tries to scoff off Drax's fears about Ego: "You sound like an old woman." "Because I'm wise?"

Baby Groot, the simple little sprout, has to be coached through the process of planting an atom bomb. Pom Klementieff's frail empath Mantis has deep wet eyes and the supernatural smoothness of the young Diana Rigg.

But even with his newly acquired brawn, Chris Pratt has to do more heavy lifting as an actor than he can, sometimes. He has an air of perplexity that mirrors the film's uneven tone. The sequel shares the first Guardian's taste for impalement, with a series of close-up reaction shots of the transfixed. The blue-bruiser Yondu (Michael Rooker) launches a fire arrow that makes glowing tracers as it speeds through the chests of a small army of men. Even if they're murderous space pirates who deserve it, there's an unsettling amount of barbaric glee in these movies. To enjoy them, you have to accept their argument that it's not all about violence, but all about fireworks.