Grand Piano

October 11, 2013

Grand Piano Movie Reviews

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A pianist is returning to the stage, but he does not seem so sure that this is a good thing. When he sits down to play, he notices some weird red writing in his playbook. Apparently someone is watching him a bit more closely than the rest, and is in fact ready to kill him and his girlfriend, if he does not play correctly.

Ok, so I didn't pay that much attention to the plot, I actually dosed off for a bit. The plot is just plain boring, and we are given no real insight into the characters, so that we actually care for what happens to them. This movie actually reminded me of a different version of Phone Booth, a movie that I'd much rather watch than this.

_Last words... there is nothing grand about this movie, the actors have no real characters to breathe life into and the plot has been seen so many times before. This is one concert that you could easily miss... go watch Phone Booth with Colin Ferrell instead. _