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Like as usual one of the John Cusack's movie that was not widespread among the movie goers. The story of a loving, caring father of two, as well about his dignity. So many movies I'd seen that just deviates slightly from the same storyline and becomes a massive hit, mainly because of the actors or the filmmakers. This one was surprisingly a little fresher from the familiar theme.

It was a road-movie-drama which is very much for family audiences. About spending time together and handling grief. A little emotion, a little adventure, a little fun, gives the overall satisfaction of giving a try. I am glad for watching this little movie, which opens about the family value when you miss your loved one under your arm.

A very simple and sweet movie, merely one line story that expanded just over a 80 minute long. A fine piece of product for the tearjerker. Everybody was cool in their respective role and so the locations. Loveable movie through your whole heart, and that's exactly what I did, probably you would do the same if you're not those who always try to find flaws and bash it.