April 17, 2009

Gooby Movie Reviews

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> Not a superhero to save the world, just a mischievous toyfriend.

The outcome was as expected, so I haven't disappointed with it. But sparing time for it was the big decision I had made, knowing a film not for my age. Without a single bit of graphics they have managed it well to tell a story. The production was decent, but the story was too predictable with a below average jokes. I just wanted to clear the air that I was not bored of it, simply not my type of entertainment film, that's all.

Perhaps the adult comedy, 'Ted' might have inspired by this, except it is a children's film. The actors were decent, because they did not get a challenging role. With a giant Ted in the title role, it should have been an adventure film. He's here to help the kid and I think his character did nothing big achievement rather boring writing of his character.

Everyone knows that's a man was inside the fur, so the stunts would have not cost too much if they had used a stunt artist. Because adding a couple of those scenes would have given a reason for the audience to cheer. The end was a loop, they kept it that way, in case of a sequel planned in the future. But I hope they won't make it, unless a very adventurous. Not recommended unless you plan to show it for your kids.