Free Radicals (Bose Zellen)

Released July 23, 2004

After being the lone survivor of a gruesome plane crash, Manu returns to a small Austrian town and successfully rebuilds her life. Five years after the near-fatal accident, Manu is surrounded by family members, friends, her husband and a lovely young daughter. But for the sake of destiny -- or chance -- Manu\'s good luck disappears. After a night of dancing with her best friend Andrea, Manu\'s car fatally collides with a vehicle full of teenagers. More than unleashing a cascade of events which disrupt the lives of her husband -- who had been cheating on Manu with her friend Andrea -- her daughter, friends, siblings and the teenagers involved in the accident, Manu\'s death forces those who lived around her to confront some of their most unexamined life choices."

Free Radicals (Bose Zellen) Movie Reviews

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