Frank Mc Klusky, C.I.

Released January 1, 2002

As a child Frank McKlusky watched his daredevil father wipe out in a horribly-conceived motorcycle stunt, and since then, Frank's developed an unhealthy aversion to any kind of risk: he lives with his parents, wears a helmet everywhere he goes, and lives his life strictly by the rules. He was inspired to become a claims investigator by his father's experience, but lets his partner do all the dirty work on every case, preferring his odds as "the in-the-van guy". But when his partner is killed in the line of duty, Frank is forced to come out of his shell--and his helmet--to crack the case. He is aided by his sexy junior partner, Sharon. Frank does get a thrill out of his new life, but can he get the evidence before the odds catch up with him?"

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