For Greater Glory (Cristiada) Movie Reviews

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This is a great story with some flawed movie making. I still give it a high rating for the story (some) of the acting and the cinematography. The story is a great story but not greatly told in this film. That is the "flawed" part. The beginning of the movie comes across stiffly including some stiff acting from otherwise excellent actors. The amazing part of this story is that it is true, history that almost nobody - in or out of Mexico knows about. Some of the cinematography in this film is beautiful. After watching the movie I went home to read more about this period and found some astonishing facts such as 90,000 people were slaughtered in this very short (and recent) period of time. While the film did not shy away from some graphic violence, I don't think it did a good job of conveying just how dark this period must have been and instead opted for Hollywood style heroes and gunfights. Despite the name-brand actors who fill the movie, Andy Garcia was good but Maruicio Kuri was the highlight and Oscar Isaac was also notable.