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Inspirational. Emmanuel came to Conquest for the showing of this film at the California Theatre and shared his amazing story, which comes through beautifully in this film.

From the Conquest summary: “In Ghana, the perception of the disabled is so bleak that if you are born disabled, there is a good chance you will be poisoned, abandoned or left with no chance at a decent future. Emmanuel, abandoned by his father at an early age because of his physical disability, decided that he wanted more out of life. It was at that exact moment that he set out to achieve the impossible and not succumb to a life of begging on the street for survival. Emmanuel demonstrated his strength and personal vision when he raised enough money to buy a bicycle, learned to ride it with one leg then traveled to remote villages, raising awareness to the cause. After months of preparation, he set out on a 600-kilometer cross-country mission to improve the status of the almost two million disabled in Ghana.”