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By Svumpukkel85 May 14, 2017

Ass-wiping-piece-of-crap-movie glamorizing rape, violence, mutilation, stalking... It is not doing any good for anybody! NO woman (with brains) would ever find this movie sexy! The first and the last 10 minutes was the only thing realistic in this movie.... YUCK! The director and the whole movie team should be ashamed to encourage violence against women! There are some sick twisted fucks out there, who is totally going to misunderstand this movie...

By Reno January 30, 2017

**Sometimes the crime decides its own fate.**

I had no thought before the watch, but while watching it, I felt it was overrated. That's for a moment, once I finished watching it, realised it's a better film. I mean I changed my stance, after over and over thinking about the film. So its the patience you need, wait till the film to end to decide how much you liked it. It was too long, but every space was filled up with the best parts. It took time to understand the characters, and with multiple angle events in one woman's life. Isabelle Huppert was amazing. Despite so many characters in the film, she ruled it. One of her best films I have seen.

The film focused on the boss of a video game designing firm. It opens with as she's been sexually assaulted in her home by an intruder. Followed by one of her employees morphed her face to an animated character as a sexual explicit material for the game they are working in. So she begins her investigation to find both the culprit who might be the same person. This is where the suspense comes into play to develop interest in us. Besides, facing family troubles takes some extra development. Subsequently, all the mysteries will be solved and to know how it ends, you should watch it.

> "Michele to her cat: You did not have to claw his eyes out, but scratch him at least."

It is official French submission to the 89th American Academy Awards. But as per the latest news bulletin, this film is out of the Oscars race, despite made into the Golden Globes. From the director of the original 'Total Recall' and his first French film. Based on the book named 'Oh...'. But I felt it was developed from a small part of 'The Little Death'. Basically, there's an understanding being it is the story of the adults, despite the sexual violences and that's how this story was built. So you must compromise on a few things that is shown in it if you really want to enjoy it.

I did not like it all the sudden, though looking back all the film events and joining them together made me see the film was decent. Especially that final line said by a woman who was evacuating her house makes whole thing sense. Maybe that's the real twist in the tale. Initially I did not think to write a review, but surely it deserved one from me, so I wrote this short and quick. This is the film for the grown ups, but not for all the grown ups. So I hope it will meet your expectation if you decide to try, but according to me definitely it is worth.


By  January 29, 2019

By aadil khan January 15, 2019

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