Eddie (1996) Movie Reviews

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Brilliance before fame dimmed Eddie’s stand up star.

One of the definitive Eddie Izzard shows, it is the one that showcases his ability to just run with a topic and spin off into all sorts of wonderful comedy directions. It is here that he had an edge that I personally don't think he has ever quite reached since.

Izzard has this cute way of being able to tap into subjects that we can all associate with. Remember those daft sayings? Those school trips? Standing in a petrol station queue at night time? Or the madness of supermarket shopping? He is also one of those comedians that can visually get you laughing out loud with his mimes as he brings to life the most ridiculous of stories. This remains a favourite stand up show of many, one of the best available on home format releases because it still works on repeat viewings, but the joy is only shortened by the knowledge that the bigger he got the more Izzard let his standards slip.

Definite Article is Definitive Izzard. 9/10 "so yeah"