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**It was not a stolen identity, but forcibly given.**

The film was based on the book of the same name that tells the true story of a young Iraqi man Latif, who was forced to body double the Saddam Hussein's playboy son, Uday. This is the reason I was not interested in this. Usually biopics are made to inspire the viewers, but there are negative films as well and this is one of those. Actually, it was not about the Saddam or his politics or his family, except Uday. So it was told from the perspective of Latif. How he suffered and fought back was the film focused on.

After watching it so delay, I think I was wrong about it. The film is for adults, but the thing is it reveals lots of dark secrets of Uday's lifestyle. Sadly the film did not cover much of the Saddam Hussein's events. The Kiwi filmmaker did his best. Dominic Cooper's performance in the dual role was the highlight. That should be the reason to watch this, because you know like me, people are turning it away once they read whose story is this. This film is here to remind us the bad history about the bad people, other than that there's nothing in it.