Dementia (1999)

Dementia is a savage psycho-sexual drama, a dangerous journey into the heart of madness, starring Marisol Padilla Sanchez (L.A. Confidential) as a lusty latina nurse, Patricia Bursiel (Angel's Tide) as her deranged, but equally lustful patient, and Matt Schulze (Blade) as the violent man in the middle. Luisa (Marisol Padilla Sanchez), an immigrant nurse trainee, estranged from her sadistic ex-convict husband Sonny (Matt Schulze), is assigned to provide out-patient care to Katherine (Patricia Bursiel), a heiress recovering from total mental breakdown. As Katherine's condition seems to improve, Luisa opens up to her about her own painful past, and a special attraction develops... a very special attraction! Then Sonny shows up, rampant for both of them, but even more besotted byt he fortune the heiress is about to inherit. Now the salacious desires of three desperate people lead to a lurid night of seduction that breaks all the rules and finally to a harrowing, bloody and fatal climax....."

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