Carpool Guy

Released June 1, 2005

A junior executive at a large company finds himself at a standstill in life. He can't seem to make headway at home or at work. To further complicate his life, he is quite literally at a standstill in two hours of traffic during his commute to and from work each day. Then, one day, he spots a disheveled homeless fellow sitting on a bench near the freeway ramp. He offers the man some money to ride with him to and from work, allowing him access to the carpool lane and a little smooth sailing. It works. He frees up an hour in his day, and it makes a huge difference - more time for his family, more time for work. Furthermore, big things really begin to change for him when he starts to listen to the little pearls of wisdom the Carpool Guy emits from the back seat of his car."

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