Released May 9, 2008

Shirley Lyner is a typical high school teen-she worries about her grades and the SAT\'s; she wonders if her best friend\'s step-brother likes her, she baby-sits a few nights to make some extra cash. Shirley even has a little crush on one of her new clients; the dad, Mr. Beltran, makes her blush when he comes to pick her up. But, when Mr. Beltran kisses Shirley before taking her home, Shirley kisses back. And the extra big tip Mr. Beltran gives Shirley on top of her babysitting fee feels less like a guilty payoff and more like a little of surge of electricity. So when Mr. Beltran\'s friend wants to know if Shirley has any friends who can also \"baby-sit\", Shirley sees a way she can make a quick twenty percent. Before long, Shirley realizes, the more girls she has \"babysitting\", the bigger her college fund."

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