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It was hot and there's nothing to do. We decided to watch a movie.

Wasn't really expecting that much. It's a Star Cinema movie so I guess it's better than other Filipino movies. There were funny parts. The story is nice. It was not like the other movies wherein they just made it just because. This movie has a story. Anne Curtis was great. She's beautiful. I just like how she can play roles of "sosyal" and "jologs" so well not like some actors who are either trying hard to be sosyal or trying hard to be jologs in a movie. Anne can do both. And in this movie, she played jologs and she played it well.

The twist in the story is just normal. I mean sosyal boy and a jologs girl. What twist can there be? But then they added a few more twists to add drama to the movie. Sam Milby can cry???? I guess as an actor, he's better now.

It's not that drama like One More Chance. It's more of a romantic comedy like A Very Special Love. But there's not much kilig parts. But I still liked it. And for some reason, the theater was pretty full on a Monday night.

My grade for this movie is A-.