Released January 12, 2001

Milo is an idealistic young computer genius with an artist girlfriend and a golden future. He's about to launch a start-up company with his friend Teddy, when heÂ’s recruited by NURV, a multi-billion dollar corporation, run by his professional hero, Gary Winston. For Milo it's a dream come true, a chance to become a legend in his own right. It's hard to disappoint Teddy, but their offer is too good to refuse. Milo is soon caught up in the exciting challenge of realizing Winston's vision. However, tragedy strikes when Milo begins to doubt the company's source, and realizes that Winston and the company will stop at nothing to win. Milo investigates and the consequences become more and more unnerving, until there is no one left to trust and this twenty-first century David stands alone against Goliath."

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