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I need a kid like I need a bad heart. A pretty kid is a ticket to trouble... and I'm too old to ask for that.

The prison genre of film has a very chequered history, and the number of films are many, very much so, both good and bad. It has gotten to the stage where in this day and age we yearn and need more from our prison based films, something more substantial away from rape and violence, away from father figures, or of redemption and friendship bonds. Unfortunately Animal Factory relies on all the clichés of the genre to tell its tale, which is actually at odds with how good a film it is. Deftly performed by the principal cast members, mounted with a keen eye by director Steve Buscemi, and played with an authentic vibe that lures you in and keeps you hooked, but there is unfortunately nothing remotely new here. However, if you are not over familiar with the prison based arc of cinema? Then this delivers rewards, and such is the quality of production, it doesn't deserve to be marked down. 7/10