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**Some arrogant men too have a soft touch inside their heart.**

It was a decent romantic-comedy with a good cast. But is an old people romance theme and if you like this director's films, then you would enjoy it as well. A simple tale, and some of the contents looks unreal because of intense story development. An elderly man who is in the real estate business tries to sell his house after his wife's death. Now lives in a small apartment surrounded by the annoying neighbours, but one day his drug addict son brings his daughter to leave with him since he's going to prison. Without an alternate he accepts it and in the meantime, the film narrates their bond as well as his romance with a next door woman.

This film was rated so badly, but I quite enjoyed it. I know it is not an awesome film, yet I felt it a bit touching and at a time funny. Michael Douglas was very good and so the Diane Keaton with the supporting actors' fine contributions. It was at its best, there was nothing to improve, because if it does the fun part would vanish. So it is as what it is, only we have to jump in and have some good time knowing the film's limit. Maybe the family audience finds it quite comfortable. Looking at the theme and the narration that's how it should be. So a big yes for them, but it has some sexual references and I'm just reminding that if you want to watch it with your children.