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Worth A Look No Man's Land


This week we thought we would take a look at a movie that makes Mr. MovieTimes fear valet parking - No Man's Land.  Based upon the idea that a snotty brat would dedicate his life to stealing 911's, this movie is a nice flash back to the pre fast & Furious world of the 80's.

This might be hard to believe because he is such an insufferable boor today, but Charlie Sheen was actually a promising young talent in the 80s, and No Man’s Land is a surprising example of his inevitably unrealized talent. It is likely that Sheen was just playing a version of himself, a rich and spoiled lady’s man, but he pulls it off quite well, nonetheless. The story is basic 1980s screenwriting formula, involving good guys, bad guys, cheesy materialism, and R-rated temptations, but it is entertaining and in the end that’s all you can really expect from a film like this.

This film has a slick polished almost Miami Vice feel to it and that’s what I like about it. The plot is a fun thrill ride about steeling exotic sports cars and includes some of the best car chase footage I’ve ever seen. I should think if you enjoyed The fast and the furious or Gone in sixty seconds you would appreciate the automotive thrills this as to offer. Just keep in mind this movie is from about 10 years prior to those films I just mentioned. So if your OK with the lingo being a bit different, the pants not hanging down around their knees while the under ware is hiked up to the middle of the back; you should have a pretty good time. Anyone reading this over the age of 30 is having a good chuckle about now and if you’re under 30 you’re at least grinning a bit. Good movie and some fun stuff.