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Tooth Fairy


by Richard von Busack
Tooth Fairy
(PG; 101 min.) It might rekindle your child's faith in the tooth fairy, but it won't do their faith in the movies any good. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. the Rock, stars as a mean hockey player on the skids in Lansing, Mich. His remark about the nonexistence of the tooth fairy makes the fairies enslave him for two weeks. Once-hot scriptwriters Babaloo Mendel and Lowell Ganz have had their script amended, but it's a real end-of-the-line project with Ashley Judd (as Johnson's girlfriend) looking the most likely to be carried down by the wreck. Johnson tries to fluff the movie but there's no help there, either; Chase Ellison as the teenage son is, oddly, the noteworthy performance; some might think that director Michael Lembeck (Santa Clause II and the son of Harvey "Erik von Zipper" Lembeck) let Ellison play the kid as too troubled, but at least there's a sense in him of troubles too big to be healed by the usual "dream big" speeches. Billy Crystal is mucho bad as fairyland's gadget expert. Julie Andrews, as the head fairy, goes beyond self-parody into a look of near pain; she recalls her old foe Pauline Kael's comment: "They may have forgotten how to make good movies in Hollywood, but at least they're good at preserving people."

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