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The Boys Strike Gold At Twilight Premiere


Kristen Stewart needs to remember her age when getting dressed in the morning. She also needs to remember she is a petite girl who cannot pull off the same dresses as a glamazon model from the 90’s, even if aforementioned dresses are gifted to her for free.

Unfortunately she did not heed this advice prior to the Los Angeles premiere of Twilight; Eclipse. Kristen chose a micro-mini, eggshell colored, single sleeved, sequin encrusted, Elie Saab dress. Yes, there really was that much going on. The thick material was a poor fit on her lithe frame, as the single sleeve over powered her, and the color washed her out.

Kristen seems to have decided that short, tight, edgy dresses work best for her. This might be true, but those dresses need to fit properly, and she has to have the gusto to pull them off. How does one get this gusto? Be a glamazon from the 90’s (improbable) or let yourself age a few years.

Bryce Dallas Howard should teach Kristen a few tricks. She channeled old school Hollywood glamour at the premiere in a mustard seed Christian Dior. It complemented her complexion and coloring perfectly and she looked comfortable and glowing in it. Quite similar to when Michelle Williams donned mustard yellow Vera Wang for the Oscars in 2006.

Ashley Greene must be making up for the time she missed out on her high school prom. From the over styled hair to the monotone dress, Nikki was far from young, fashionable, and Hollywood.

Not all is lost, as I do find myself singing, let’s hear it for the boys, let’s give the boys a hand. Robert Pattinson’s charm and British appeal can pull off a slim, burgundy, Gucci suit like no one else. The modern cut of the suit updated the 70’s inspired color, while the shirt and tie kept it clean and classic. Oh, and Taylor Lautner just needs to put on any jacket over those shoulders to look good.