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The All Time Greatest Movie Songs


Everyone has their special individual list of what they think are the all time greatest movie songs.  After all, every great movie comes with a great soundtrack.  It’s pretty hard to pick the all time greatest movie songs, but if somebody has to do it, we’re glad it’s us.  Read on to find out which musical masterpieces made it to our list of the all time greatest movie songs – and then turn on the radio to see how many you can find!

Wind Beneath My Wings (Beaches)

The love and friendship ballad sung by Bette Midler in this eternal tear-jerker is one of the most popular songs ever released.  It’s the kind of song everyone wants their special someone or personal inspiration to hear so that they know just how much they mean to them.  It’s also become something of an anthem in tribute videos, especially for those who perform great acts of public service.  So if you happen to have a hero or heroine, this just might be the song to express your admiration.

My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

Celine Dion’s belted-out love ballad from the most successful love story of all time is instantly recognizable.  There are no shortage of covers of this song – in fact you can hear it in just about any language spoken across the globe today.  Why did the song resonate so much with music lovers at the time of the release of Titanic?  It could have been the film’s success or it could have been Leonardo Di Caprio’s pinup charm, but we think it’s because the lyrics of the song resonate with many in the audience who find the idea of waiting for death with your loved one to be truly haunting and tragic.  This song just has that special “it” quality.

Circle of Life (The Lion King)

You didn’t think we could compile a list of the greatest movie songs of all time without including a Disney song or two, did you?  Elton John’s masterful opening number in Disney’s 1994 masterpiece The Lion King served as the perfect template for what would go on to become one of the greatest films ever released.  The music and lyrics of The Circle of Life explain in poetic but simple language how life begins, endures and ends, not just for the animals but for all creatures, and how accepting and understanding that cycle are essential to living a life of balance and truth.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz)

Arguably the most recognizable movie song of all time, Somewhere Over the Rainbow is of course Dorothy’s ballad about hoping her dreams come true, expressed in that perfect innocence that only children are capable of expressing.  The song has inspired countless other songs, poems, stories and has become part of the national language: when you say ‘somewhere over the rainbow’, everyone knows that you are referring to a dream you hope comes true.  Now that’s what the best songs do for their listeners.

When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)
Another Disney entry, this is also one of the most instantly recognizable songs of all time.  The instant you hear it, images of the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio and of course Jiminy Cricket pop into your mind.  Just like Dorothy’s great ballad about dreaming, this one encourages the listener to keep dreaming and to keep their hopes alive, no matter how difficult things may get.  That just may be the best advice anyone can give (especially to a wooden puppet!).

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