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Patrick McGoohan has passed
away at the age of 80. Generations of TV cult fans knew McGoohan as the suave
Number Six in the British show The Prisoner
, which ran for 17 memorable episodes in 1967 and ’68.

McGoohan played an ex-British
agent exiled to an island village/prison for mysterious reasons. In the series,
McGoohan tried to escape and to undermine some of the other numbered by unnamed
inmates in the elaborate control hierarchy of the island. The most indelible
image from the series was probably the enormous white beach ball that rose from
the ocean and thwarted all escape attempts. The short-lived show spawned
endless debates about its various allegorical and political meanings.

McGoohan also started in a
the British spy series Danger Man (a.k.a. Secret Agent) and had movie roles in
Ice Station Zebra, Escape From Alcatraz and Braveheart. He received two Emmys
for appearances on Columbo.

Best Quote from Number Six: “I
am not a number. I am a person.” —Mr. Movietimes News Bureau

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