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Smirnoff To Reprise Role In Bond Sequel


From our Licensed to Market files: the
ageless Smirnoff vodka will lead the cast of brands set to return in the next
Bond film, reports Variety. Quantum of Solace viewers will also recognize Omega
in the part of James Bond's wristwatch and Heineken as the brew of choice for
glamorous international spies. The brands may be the same in this newest Bond
Product Placement extravaganza, but some of the parts are new. Ford Motor Co.
cast its new small European car, the Ka, in a supporting role, while actors
will appear behind the wheels of usual suspects Volvo and Range Rover. Bond's
tantalizing gadgets will be played by high-tech Sony electronics, most notably
a limited edition phone, the Titanium Silver C902 (no 007?). Characters will
also once more say, "Hello gorgeous!" to flights on Virgin Atlantic.
Sony Pictures tells Variety brands are shelling out up to $100 million to be
part of the new Bond picture.
 — Movie News Bureau

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