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Pick Of The Week Duplicity Vs. I Love You Man


Who says March is when the studios dump all the garbage on audiences - this week's MovieTime Pick of the Week was a tough contest between I Love You Man and Duplicity.

"Duplicity" a new romantic thriller from Tony Gilroy's sets itself apart from most Hollywood movies by being a little too intelligent instead of dumbing itself down. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen play former secret agents for the CIA and MI6 turned corporate spies. Julia Roberts, as Claire Stenwick, is a veteran of the CIA, while Clive Owen, as Ray Koval, comes from MI6. The onscreen chemistry between these two is amazing - the audience will defintely enjoy watching these glamorous rivals in industrial espionage play each other -- or are they being doublecrossed? -- during an all-out war between two multinational corporations. Another part is charting the convuluted love affair between these two, which is fraught with random -- or not so random -- meetings and apparent double-crosses. At any point in the convoluted tale, the question for Claire and Ray, and for us, is where does the truth ever emerge.

Duplicity would have been our hands down MovieTimes Pick of the Week except for one little question that stood out in our minds: Why does figuring out the puzzle between the truth and fiction in this movie come to feel a lot like work? Because "Duplicity" shares a background with movies like The Usual Suspects, but unfortunately when transferred to a plot with a love interest as well the ironic complexities tease the brain without pleasing the heart.

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In writer/director John Hamburg's comedy "I Love You, Man,"  Paul Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a happily engaged real-estate agent on the hunt for a best man for his wedding. Peter’s problem, according to the strait-laced if gay-friendly people around him, is that he doesn’t have a dude to call his own, a best man who can stand by his side when he marries Zooey (Rashida Jones).
And so, encouraged by fiancée and family, Peter goes looking for a soul brother, a search that first leads to some regrettable male bonding involving poker and puke and a little tongue (from Thomas Lennon) during a misconstrued man date.Finally, enter Jason Segel's Sydney Fife, an Uggs-wearing, cougar-dating "investor" who crashes one of Peter's open houses for the free food.

Peter and Sydney finally meet during an open house. A junior realty agent one multimillion-dollar sale away from his own development dreams, Peter is trying to sell Lou Ferrigno’s mansion (the former Incredible Hulk puts in amusing nongreen face time in a small role) when Sydney starts chowing down on his gourmet sandwiches. A bachelor on the hunt for diamond-collared cougars, Sydney lives a low-impact Los Angeles life with a pooch and a romper room crammed with television sets, electric guitars, a drum kit and a designated masturbation chair. Interest blooms into camaraderie when the men discover a mutual love of the band Rush, which, between this and its appearance last year on “The Colbert Report,” is definitely riding a pop cultural wave.

We chose I Love You Man as our pick of the week because of the films dead on portrayal of what life is like when your childhood friends have all moved on — to women, families and careers — but you still want to keep hanging out with the guys.  Forget all the hype out Bromances, etc. - this a great movie to just enjoy.

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