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New Breed Of Tamil Actors


The new breed of Tamil actors is very different from the previous generations of Tamil heroes. They are sleeker, sexier, and far less in the traditional mould of south Indian masculinity. The new breed of Tamil actors is also more daring in the roles they choose to play, often opting to play something besides the typical goon-bashing hero who saves the damsel in distress. And they can move! Many of this new breed of Tamil actors can dance as well as international pop stars. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Dhanush was perhaps destined to become a Tamil hero. He is the son of acclaimed director Kasthuri Raja, giving him an edge into how the film industry works and what it takes to make it to the top. Dhanush is also a playback singer, often providing his own voice in an industry where dubbing and lip synching are the norm. He has appeared in both critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, making him a critical and fan favorite. It was rumored for a while that he would star opposite Bollywood screen legend Sridevi in the remake of Mappillai, but this proved to be just a rumor. Ultimately, the beautiful Manisha Koirala stepped into the role, bringing added star power to the project.

With his chocolatey boy-next-door cuteness and appeal, Abbas is a long standing favorite among those who enjoy Tamil love stories at their cutest and most romantic. Though Abbas began his career in secondary roles opposite Tamil superstars like Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth, he has made a name for himself in his own right and established his reputation as a bankable, solo hero. Though he doesn’t appear in as many films in recent years, he does occasionally pop up on television, as he did Tamil game show, Deala No Deala. Hopefully he will make more films soon and give his fans what they crave: more Abbas!

Daniel Balaji
Daniel first made his name in Tamil entertainment by playing pivotal roles in television serials such as Chithi and Alaigal. After directors began to take note of his talent, he soon graduated to feature films where he gained a reputation for playing courageous police officers fighting organized crime. He garnered his greatest critical praise in the film Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, a film in which he starred opposite thespian Kamal Hassan. His role as the antagonist made critics take note that he could hold his own against one of India’s greatest acting talents. Not bad for a “newcomer”.

Prabhu Deva
Prabhu Deva is synonymous with dancing. Or should we say dancing is synonymous with Prabhu Deva?! The man often referred to as ‘India’s Michael Jackson’ can move his body in ways that are truly astonishing to even those unfamiliar with Tamil cinema. It may surprise you to learn, then, that the man who can contort his body to the most popular chartbusting music credits his training in classical Indian dance with teaching him how to execute those eye-popping moves. Lately, he has been seen in more behind-the-scenes roles, often as choreographer, but also as director. He recently helmed Boney Kapoor’s Wanted starring Salman Khan.

Ajith Kumar
There’s just something super cool and yet elegant about Ajith Kumar. Maybe it’s his sexy salt-n-pepper hairstyle, or maybe it’s his suaver than suave manner. Or maybe it’s just the sheer weight of his talent! A winner of three Best Actor awards, Kumar is recognized as one of the best Tamil actors on the scene. He has appeared in many critically acclaimed films, generally cast in dramas and action thrillers. For those who yearn to see a softer side of Kumar, there are several romantic love stories featuring him as the lead where he gets to sing, dance and romance the leading lady exactly like a hero should.