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Movie Cars I'd Love To Drive


With the release of Cars 2 this weekend, it got me thinking about, well, cars.  Movie cars to be exact, and more specifically, movie cars that I would love to drive.  I'm not talking about real cars that are in movies, though.  As much as I'd love to drive Bullitt's Mustang GT, it's not something that I COULDN'T do in real life.  The cars on my list are vehicles that can only be found in the movies.  They may be cars that you can find in the real world, but with tweaks that make them unlikely to be street legal, or they can be cars that can only come from the imagination of the filmmakers.  So here are five movie cars that I would love to take for a spin.


Batman - "Get in the car."

Vicki Vale - "Which one?"

Please, Vicki.  You know which car is his, because there's only one Batmobile.  While the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Batman movies is pretty awesome in its own right, it still can't hold a candle to Tim Burton's Batmobile.  Unlike Nolan's car or the horrible Batmobiles used in Joel Schumacher's films, Burton's vehicle leaves no doubt who its owner is.  This Batmobile is dark, sleek, and mysterious.  It's powered by a jet engine, so it's fast.  Just like Batman, it's got lots of cool gadgets:  machine guns, grappling hooks, and shields that make the thing almost impenetrable.  It's also voice activated, so if you can't find it in the parking lot (not sure how that would be possible), it can come and find you.  When you drive the Batmobile, everyone on the street knows that the person behind the wheel is the Dark Knight.


Who wouldn't want to be a Ghostbuster?  They get to capture ghosts with cool equipment and uniforms, saving the world from evil.  Their vehicle, the Ectomobile, started out life as Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura in disrepair.  Once the Ghostbusters got a hold of it, the combination limo-ambulance became the ultimate "professional paranormal investigations and eliminations" transport.  Just like the Ghostbusters, there a bit of mystery to the Ectomobile:  there's a lot of flashing lights and equipment on the top of the car, but no one really knows what that stuff actually does.  But open the back, slide out the platform with the proton packs, and you're ready to capture some ghosts.  The Ectomobile also has that distinctive siren.  That'll clear traffic out of the way fast so you can get to that next Slimer sighting quicker than you can say Zuul.


It's certainly the ugliest car on this list.  Need I remain you that the color of this car is pea green?  Add to this slapdash wood paneling, and airbag made out of what looks like a trash bag, and more headlights than any human would ever need, and you have a monstrosity on four wheels.  So why is this car on my list?  For one, it's indestructible.  Even after being trashed by hooligans in St. Louis, flying off the road in the Grand Canyon, and being spun around by the perpetually clumsy Clark Griswold, the car still makes it to Wally World, looking...well, it survives.  Second, it's got a ton of room.  I spend a lot of time camping, so I need my space.  This car has enough room for 4 passengers, a summers worth of baggage, and a dead aunt.  Third, and most importantly, the Family Truckster reminds me of all of those trips I took as a kid in my mom's station wagon.  That wagon was cramped, uncomfortable, the air conditioner didn't always work right, and I wasn't a fan of all of the places we ended up visiting, but I wouldn't trade the memories and fun times I had with my family for anything.


It's a Delorean that can TRAVEL THROUGH TIME!  Need I say anything else?


It's the ultimate chick magnet...if your chick happens to be in the Army.  Just looking at the outside, you wouldn't think the EM-50 was anything more than an old RV.  That's great when you want to take your ladies to a beautiful castle in West Germany (remember, this is 1980).  But what if you want to bust your guys out of communist Czechoslovakia?  You've got that covered too.  The EM-50 is actually an assault vehicle in disguise.  The souped up GMC motor home has all of the latest computer technology (at least for 1980s standards).  It's got shields, missile launchers, a flamethrower, can survive cannon fire, and just in case you need it, has a gun that can destroy a tank.  As John Winger describes it in the movie, the EM-50 is "one heavily armed recreational vehicle."