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Mallu Movies A Few Of Our Favorite


Mallu movies, movies produced in malayalam, are one of the most popular movie segments, crossing multiple genres.  Mallu movies have been growing in popularity, following an arc greater than the overall growth of the film industry.   India has 10-15 main languages,  Malayalam , is spoken by people in the southern state of Kerala.

A few of our favorite mallu movies include:

chenkolCHENKOL: I was very reluctant to watch this movie first, as sequels (this movie is sequel of superb 'Kiridam') are not normally well made. But this is an exception. Even though, some of the scenes are too gross for Malayalee taste, I was taken aback by the overall standard this movie displays. The several opportunities exist in the story to make this movie into another Malayalam melodrama is brilliantly discarded by Lohithadas, the writer. This movie looks at the life of Sethumadhavan, after he serves time in jail for killing Kirikkadan. Society is very reluctant to accept him as a normal person and the entire movie is centered around his struggle of leading the life of a common man. But the people and circumstances around him fail him in that quest. Other aspect of the story of its treatment of Kirikkadan's family evenly. Superb acting from Mohanlal and Thilakan. Don't miss this one.

CHEMMEM:  is a real good portrayal of the fisher folk back in God's own country. But the climax was too surreal and in fact conveys a negative social message. Cinematography and direction are excellent.

BHOOTHAKKANNADI : One of best movies I seen in Malayalam and very haunting. Mammoty's performance is excellent. Lohithadas's script and direction make a jewel.

sallapamSALLAPAM : Manju Warrier (in her big-screen debut) stars as a happily betrothed woman dreamily looking forward to life with her new husband that is, until a charismatic young musician enters her life and steals her heart with his musical charms. When her fiance discovers that his beloved has betrayed him, complications soon follow.

We hope you enjoy these selections!

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