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Jessica Chastain The Star No One Knows (Yet)


Jessica Chastain is a fiery redhead actor that is about to explode on the big screen in six upcoming films, but right now virtually no one outside of the industry has heard of her.  People are always talking about the next big actor just before a breakout role, but in this case Ms. Chastain has six movies that have finished principal photography in which she stars opposite some of Hollywood's leading men - clearly this is an unusual situation.

Upcoming roles for Jessica include:

  1. The Help (2011) (filming) Sissy Spacek

  2. The Fields (2011/II) (post-production) Sam Worthington

  3. Coriolanus (2010) (post-production) Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler

  4. Wilde Salome (2010) (post-production) Al Pacino

  5. The Tree of Life (2010) (completed) Terrence Mallick directing and staring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn

  6. The Debt (2010/I) (completed) - Playing a young Helen Mirren

Keep your eyes out for Jessica, we think you will enjoy what you see.