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Interview With Randy Overland: A Man I Met


Randy Overland's indie film, A Man I Met, recently completed its campaign for production funding on Kickstarter with a very successful $5,280 in pledges from interested backers. The film focuses on a woman who faces a tough decision between her career and her personal life, a situation many couples face today. The promising short film is in pre-production now, but we had the opportunity to interview Randy about his background in film making, the film, and his influences.

Q: What is your background in film-making?

Randy: I started out in New York City as a production assistant on the TV show Gossip Girl.  I worked on Gossip Girl for two years until I decided that I needed a change of pace and moved to LA.  Since moving I have PA’d on multiple features and commercials and I am the lead writer on a web series.

Q: Can you give us a brief summary of the plot?

Randy: A Man I Met is about a young woman named Keira who was recently hired as a lawyer at a law firm.  Her longtime boyfriend, Max, proposes to her but she does not have an answer for him.  She is afraid that an engagement might impede her career.  To clear her head, Keira goes on a run where she meets an older man and what happens next will change her life forever.

Q: Where did the idea for "A Man I Met" come from? What was it about this project that called to you personally?

Randy: It is difficult for amateur screenwriters to get their screenplays read.  Agents and managers will generally only read your scripts if one of their clients recommends you.  I came up with the idea for A Man I Met as a way to showcase my writing.  Right from the beginning I knew that I wanted my lead to be a strong female character and the story really grew from this concept that I had of exploring the dynamic between business and family.

Q: Who are you hoping to reach out to with this film? What audience are you targeting and what message are you trying to get across?

Randy: This film will reach a broad spectrum of people, it is for anyone who is in or has been in a committed relationship…especially for couples in the United States because our culture is fixated on the idea that success is measured by wealth and by your career.  It is generally assumed that by reaching the status of a doctor, lawyer, CEO, etc. in our society you have ‘made it,’ you are considered successful.  But oftentimes reaching that position means sacrificing something in your personal life.   Anyone in a relationship will eventually have to answer the question of what comes first, their significant other or their work.  And that is the question that I am asking…when it comes down to it what is more important to you, your family or your career?

Q: What films and directors have you drawn inspiration from for "A Man I Met"?

Randy: I have drawn inspiration from directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan who, regardless of the subject of their films, always create multidimensional characters, each with their own strengths and flaws that are, above all, realistic.  Knowing that I would be shooting on a low budget, I also looked to films such as The Descendants that did not require special effects and were shot with simple yet effective techniques.

Q: Where does this film take place? What is the importance of location to the project?

Randy: The majority of the film takes place on a trail in the woods.  The location is important because it is an allegory for choices that need to be made...for the decisions that Keira has yet to make.  What happens on the trail will determine whether or not Keira decides to marry her boyfriend.

For more information about the film, you can check out its Kickstarter page here: