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From 'blacktino' To 'malaventura'


The producers behind 'blacktino', the much anticipated comedy by Aaron Burns, are set for their next project. 'Malaventura' is a comedy about high school kids doing what they do best: get into trouble. Following a prank that goes wrong, four friends have to find a way to get out of jail and make it to the best party of the year.

The film, which will be the directorial debut of Carlos Rincones, will be shot in Mexico City in early 2011. Rincones, who co-produced 'blacktino' with Elizabeth Avellan and Andy Kleinman, also wrote the script for 'Malaventura' based on a true personal story.

As their gear up for this new project, 'blacktino' is already getting positive buzz thanks to an interesting promotional stunt during Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. The movie is expected to premiere in early 2011, possibly at the South by Southwest film festival.