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First Time Sex Movie


One of the most popular genres in Hollywood in recent years is the first time sex movie.  These movies detail the experience of naïve young teens whose hormones compel them to act in extreme and often humorous ways.  These first time sex movies have not only made a lot of money at the box office, but have also made bonafide box office stars out of many young stars and starlets.  Read on to see just how popular and pervasive these first time sex movies have become!

American Pie

American Pie is probably the movie that made gross sexy.  In fact, the film was so popular that it spawned multiple sequels and an entire genre of movies about hormonal young men whose only quest in life is to get laid.  The film centers on the pact made by four high school friends who have vowed to each other that they will all lose their virginity prior to graduation.  When they all try to lose their virginity by prom night, things inevitably become complicated and hilarious.

Little Darlings

Starring Tatum O’Neal and Kristy McNichol, Little Darlings is about two 15-year-old girls who go off to summer camp and end up making a bet to see who can lose her virginity first.  When word of their bet spreads around camp, the other girls all join in by taking sides with either of the girls and placing their money on who they think will be the first to lose her virginity.  Since this is a movie about summer camp, the antics extend beyond just targeting cute boys: there are pranks, food fights and other teenage antics that make you wonder how anyone ever survive their teen years in the first place!


Superbad is a buddy movie with a twist: the buddies in this film are two teenage boys set on losing their virginity to two girls they know will be attending a party they happen to luck an invitation to.  Being two geeks who are typically shunned by the popular crowd (or any who regularly has sex at that age), they enlist the support of a third teen named Fogell who promises to score them enough liquor to help them make their sexual conquests.  When two bumbling cops happen upon Fogell, things get very weird and very hilarious – fast.

The Girl Next Door

When 18-year-old Matthew comes to the realization that he hasn’t lived very much, he decides it’s time to do much more than just get straight A’s.  He wants to fall in love, which he believes possible when a beautiful young woman named Danielle moves in next door.  The catch?  His sex-crazed best friend Eli tells him that Danielle is actually an ex-porn star.  He doesn’t know how to react to the news until he is ensnared in a plot that involves her ex-producer who is intent upon having her return to the business.

The Jerk

Starring Steve Martin, The Jerk was released in 1979 and follows the trials and tribulations of an imbecile.  When he decides to go out into the world to seek his fortune, he ends up pumping gas for a living in St. Louis where his adventure begins.  Eventually, he ends up meeting a carnival stun.  They decide to get married on the spur of the moment, which leads to more trouble when the only person they can get to officiate their ceremony is a witch doctor.

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