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Fashion Eye On Sex And The City New York And London Premieres


The fearless foursome came, saw, and conquered both Manhattan and London this past week and one thing was clear; Patricia Field did not dress them; they seemed to have dressed themselves. Refreshing, yes, but also slightly disappointing. Instead of being wowed by a set of perfect ensembles of urban creative types meet fearless fashionistas, we got, well, three middle aged women who are professional actresses, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who stunned in both New York and London with bi-polar ensembles.

Neon Lights Electric City

The best dress of the eight outfits showcased on both sides of the Atlantic was Parker’s billowing chiffon, chartreuse, Valentino creation. She clearly wanted to emphasize the billowing part, as she was repeatedly caught throwing the train up into the air, as if it would fly her away to Abu Dhabi all over again. Yes, it was beautiful and artfully styled, just not what one expects for a NYC premiere, it seemed to radiate California surfer babe gone east; her blond ringlets and bronzed skin only emphasized this. Was she trying to channel Blake Lively, the new Manhattan “it” girl? For the first Sex and the City movie premiere, Parker deliberately honored New York City by choosing a Nina Ricci gown that she believed resembled the Empire State Building.

In foggy London town, Parker reveled in the Brit’s fashion by donning a black cinched strapless Alexander McQueen gown, topping it off with a Phillip Treacy headpiece.  To call the headpiece extravagant would be an understatement, but Parker’s know-how and confidence pulled it off and she was the quintessential Brit girl for the night.  Although it is ironic that the New Yorker was so deliberate in bowing to British fashion while simultaneously showcasing an Italian designer in the middle of Manhattan.

Brunette Barbie

As for the other three fearless New Yorkers, they were less fearless, and more themselves. I think my lackluster appreciation lies in the fact that I worship how Patricia Fields makes these characters come to life through her styling, and I had forgotten that these are real women, who feel more comfortable playing it safe in black, strapless, floor-length gowns. I knew I had set my expectations too high when I saw Kristen Davis in a neon pink, strapless gown, hello Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars circa 2002, but still not hitting the mark. Cynthia Nixon even admitted to “playing it safe” in her black Carolina Herrera. I suppose her risk came when she put in extensions while crossing the Atlantic and showed up with shoulder length curls in London, perhaps trying a little too hard. Kim Cattrall really is Samantha, or at least Mae West, as she plays up her sex appeal in every screen image and paparazzi photo, and hell, she does it well.

I suppose I will have to shell out the fifteen-dollar movie ticket to see the envelope pushing and inspiring ensembles of Carrie Bradshaw and company. Although, Parker did give us little sample of a Carrie-vibe when she showed up to the after party in New York in edgy black lace, cut-out frock, with electric blue heels. Long live Carrie!

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