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Cue The Valkyries


Tom Cruise as good Nazi Claus von Stauffenberg? The
megastar's new vehicle, Valkyrie
, about the plot of the German generals to assassinate Hitler
in 1944, is a stretch that has left a lot of moviegoers scratching their
heads. Even some Germans got upset at the notion, not because it dredged up
memories of World War II but because Cruise is a famous Scientologist and the
Germans have issues with the church, which they believe is a cult. The
controversy threatened to delay the project because of concerns over filming at
historical locations and misgivings by von Stauffenberg’s son.

Consequently, Valkyrie has had numerous opening dates
announced and then withdrawn—from Aug. 8, 2008, all the way to the dead zone of
February, 2009. At long last, MGM has made it official, according to a release
issued Aug. 13: Valkyrie
will open on the prestige date of Dec. 26. Movie News Bureau