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Cinequest Wraps Up With "The Nature Of Existence"

2009-03-09 was pleased to be a sponsor of the Cinequest festival in San Jose, California this year, which hosted the world premiere of Roger Nygard’s "The Nature of Existence," a 93-minute exploration of the deepest questions of human existence. Such as: Does God exist? What is the nature of the soul? Is there an afterlife? An entertaining yet informative whirlwind tour of comparative religion, physics, philosophy and viewpoints of the major religions, Nygard's film lived up to its ambitious billing and was followed by a closing night party at the E&O Trading Co. in downtown San Jose.

Another Cinequest event that left an indelible impact on viewers was the showing of "Witch Hunt," a powerful and emotional documentary about parents who were arrested and jailed on child molestation charges in the 1980s by a politically grandstanding Kern County, California district attorney. Later investigation cleared the convicted, but not until lives had been destroyed by jail sentences that lasted up to 20 years in places like San Quentin. A human face was put on a system gone wrong when the released prisoners appeared after the Cinequest showing on the California Theater stage with their accusers, now adults, who had been coached as six-year-olds by social workers into providing false testimony against their parents and neighbors. Even though they were too young to know better, it’s a hell of a burden to carry around knowing you sent your parents to jail.