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Box Office Report: 'mummy' Vs. 'pants'


Filling out the box-office top 10 was the Warner Brothers’
sequel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, the only new film besides
Pineapple Express to open wide last week. It brought in $10.7 million over the
weekend, with $19.7 total since it opened last Wednesday. That was good enough
for fourth place, as The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor easily held on to
the bronze with $16.1 million. That was a sharp 60 percent decline from its opening
weekend, however, which isn’t a good sign for the $145-million-budgeted sequel.
Universal should wrap their Dragon Emperor, Jet Li, in a nice big bonus: thanks
in part to his appeal overseas, Mummy has made almost double its $70 domestic
take in foreign box office. In other box office top-ten news, Step Brothers made an estimated $9.1 million for fifth place, while Mamma Mia passed the
$100-million mark with $8.2 million, to land at sixth. Hancock (seventh, $3.3
million), Wall-E (eighth, $3.1 million, and the woeful underperformer Swing
(tenth, $3.1 million) rounded out the top ten. — Movie News Bureau