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Batman 3; The Myths And The Legends


Keeping up with the rumors swirling around the pre-production of Batman 3 is almost as hard as keeping up with the Kardashians. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next news clip announced that Christopher Nolan is going to father Christian Bale’s baby, in 3-D. But why the incessant interest in every little rumor that rumbles through Hollywood? Well, apparently our Gods wear spandex these days.

Comic book characters strike a chord with the internal pulse of the human psyche that inherently need to feel protected, have wrongs righted, and justice served to the criminals of society. If you allow a mythic figure to deliver that justice while being more than human—you have the dream of every adolescent boy. Alas, it is only a dream when the boy realizes he is only human, until he learns of Batman. Batman’s success resides in the fact that he is only human, with super cool toys that Morgan Freeman dreams up for him. Any adolescent boy could potentially be Batman is eager to watch his potential life unfold on the silver screen. Hollywood has been capitalizing upon this fact since the first Batman movie in 1989 paved the way for box office gold.

Now, regarding those rumors, we do know this; Nolan has yet to sign his name to any contract, yet is not shy to state he is not a fan of 3-D technology. His reluctance comes from his belief that the images appear too dark on the screen, and that the nomenclature 3-D versus 2-D is misleading to begin with. Nolan’s trained expertise allows him to artfully translate a captured moving image onto a flat screen while preserving the three-dimensionality of the captured image. Referring to this process as 2-D is insulting to his craft, as it dismisses the fact that the moving image was originally 3-D, and that the director preserved the three-dimensionality. Yet, Nolan is not an elitist, and understands if the audiences of America want 3-D, than Warner Brothers will support 3-D due to economic reasons and not much else, and Nolan will oblige.

Another unanswered riddle swirling the press is, who will play the Riddler? Johnny Depp was in the lead for months, but once Christopher Nolan began working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his thriller, Inception, the rumors shifted gears and this underdog could be giving the show pony a run for his money. Depp seems the obvious choice, almost too obvious, as if it wouldn’t even be all that exciting to watch him hit another homer-- but to watch Gordon-Levitt step up to the plate and kill it? That seems more enticing to me.

Now, personally, I never dreamed of being Batman, but I did dream of being rescued by Batman—after which he would undoubtedly fall madly in love with me and whisk me off to his manor. That dream is reason enough for me to feed into these pulsating rumors and drive Batman’s demand and heroic status even higher.

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