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'Babylon A.D.' Panned By Its Own Director



French director Mathieu Kassovitz let loose in an interview with, describing his new movie Babylon A.D. as "pure violence and

stupidity." While some directors may strive for that, Kassovitz is

"ready to go to war" with Fox because "They made everything difficult

from A to Z." Instead of portraying "geopolitics and how the world is

going to evolve" he found in the source novel, "Babylon Babies" by

Maurice Georges Dantec, Kassovitz blames studio interference for the

film's resemblance to "a bad episode of 24." For what it's worth,

critics agree with Kassovitz—the few who have actually seen the

thing. Fox isn't doing critic screenings of Babylon A.D., a common

practice when studios know they have a stinker on their hands.— Movie News Bureau