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Actors Singing Vs Singers Acting


Are there really any multi-talented artists out there? Can anyone really kill it on Broadway one day, and then rock out at on the Whiskey the next...good question we thought.

Of course being natural born pessimists, we started to think about who sucks more: actors trying to sing; or singers trying to act?

William Shatner - A+: That's right, an A+, because in both singing and acting he has boldly gone where no one else would go.  Star Freakin Treckin genius that he is, he took an iconic song and made it his own.

David Bowie - B:  If you counted his music videos the Thin White Duke would rank higher, but for some reason he looks like wood in the movie roles that he has taken to date.

Mick Jagger - B-: Same problem as Mr Bowie, but even worse.  It makes no sense why someone can stand up in front of a hundred thousand people and shake their ass, but on a private sound stage they have all the animation of a light post.

LL Cool J - B+: Larry is an awesome rapper, and as an actor, lets just say he does not suck.

Jared Leto - A: Jared is not really much of a singer, but he does enough to qualify.  besides, we wanted the actors to appear more talented than the singers.

Jennifer Lopez - B+: "She was in Gigli" is the first reaction most people tend to have, but we thought she kind of kicked ass with krav maga in Enough!

Madonna - C: Is taking your clothes off acting?  She would get an F, but then she was married to Guy Ritchie.