Vola Vale

Birthplace: Buffalo
Died: October 17, 1970


Vola Vale (February 12, 1897 - October 17, 1970) was a silent motion picture actress from Buffalo, New York. She was born Vola Smith.
A demure type, she was regarded as one of the screen's most beautiful women. Vale was educated in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She began her career in amateur theatricals in Rochester, New York. Then she played in stock companies for a while.
Her first movie experience was with Biograph, under the tutelage of the great film director D.W. Griffith. After a month of playing atmosphere parts, Vola was offered a genuine role. She wore a velvet gown with a train and a feathered hat. Soon she was appearing in short reel films for Biograph. Among the actors she was cast with were William Hart, Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki, William Haines, Harry Carey, Tully Marshall and William Russell.
Vale was typically cast in mountain maid roles. She was also adept in playing Spanish, Italian, French, and Gypsy roles. Aside from Biograph Vola worked for Fox Film, Famous Players-Lasky, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.
Her ambition was to play Madame Butterfly with an actual Japanese company. Also to act as Lorna Doone. She was most inspired by Hayakawa and hoped to