Satoshi Miki

Birthplace: ￧ᆬ゙¥ᆬネ¥ᄋン￧ワフ₩ᄄᆰ₩ᄉワ¥ᄌツ

Satoshi Miki Filmography

It's Me, It's Me (Ore Ore)

It's Me, It's Me (Ore Ore)

Director, Writer, Novel

Hitoshi Nagano (Kazuya Kamenashi), who works at an electronics store, picks up a cellphone left behind by a customer and goes about a scam. He calls the person's mother and pretends to be her son. He then gets the mother to transfer money to his bank account. Soon, Hitoshi gets a lot more than he bargained for. (Source: Asianwiki)

May 24, 2013