Nedra Volz

Birthplace: Montrose, Iowa, USA
Died: January 20, 2003


An apple dumpling of a darling, character actress Nedra Volz had one of those slightly vacant, twinkly-eyed faces absolutely designed for light sitcoms and commercial work. Although she didn't come into her own until past retirement age, she enjoyed a solid two-decade ride delightfully amusing audiences all over.

The diminutive Iowa native was born in a trunk to vaudeville parents in 1908 and was immediately thrust onto the stage as "Baby Nedra" in tent shows and similar venues. A band singer and radio performer in her early adult years, maternal instincts took over after marrying her husband in 1944 and she raised two children. But the spark never completely died. In the 1950s she was performing again in community theater shows.